About us


Provide maritime transport services of liquid bulk products and contribute to the development of the country as a Peruvian shipping company. We aim to do this by developing sound logistics solutions for our customers, complying with the highest quality standard and taking care of the environment.


To be leaders in maritime transport services of liquid bulk products, covering the needs of our clients and complying with international safety standards.


  • Provide customers with a complete quality service that meets all their requirements.
  • Offer transportation solutions tailored to the client’s needs, thus allowing them to develop efficient logistics.
  • Prioritize the safety of both the crew and the ship in commercial operations, by fostering a culture of prevention and by adhering to strict compliance with security protocols.


Excellence: carry out our activities outstandingly, with the invaluable support of our workers to achieve the goals set forth by the company; maintain an active culture of innovation that allows us to adapt to new challenges.

Commitment: cultivate an adequate organizational climate in which to build loyalty and to align workers’ values with those of the company.

Responsibility: grow in a sustainable and socially responsible manner that is in line with current regulations and with environmental sustainability.

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