Our History

Petral was founded in 1982 as a shipping company by Peruvian businessmen, who sought to become business pioneers in the country. The company was the first maritime transport company that specialized in sulfuric acid. This is why the company acquired the M/T Pampilla, with 3,100 DWT and stainless steel tanks. This vessel operated mainly between Peruvian ports Pisco and Matarani, and Chilean ports Mejillones and Caleta Michilla, transporting sulfuric acid. Eventually, it also transported fish oils and caustic soda.

At the start of the 1990’s, Petral switched to a vessel with greater commercial capacity, the 8,200 DWT M/T Gorgonilla, which continued to carry out the same transport services, but in larger volumes. This new vessel transported not only sulfuric acid, but also vegetable oil, palm oil, caustic soda, and fish oil.

In 2005, before the imminent advance of globalization, Petral invited the Chilean group Ultramar to join forces in equal parts. This group is also specialized in the segment of chemical tankers in its country, with presence in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

After the alliance between Ultramar and Petral was forged, the company rented the M/T Swan Lake, with 10,000 DWT, and used this vessel until the close of 2009, when the company acquired the M/T Moquegua, with 14,300 DWT. This vessel has stainless steel tanks and valves, and is one-of-a-kind within its class in the country.

Following the enactment of the Law of Reactivation and Promotion of the National Merchant Navy, Law No. 28583 and its amendment, Law No. 29475, the M/T Moquegua was registered under the Peruvian flag in order to continue transporting liquids among cabotage routes.

Currently, Naviera Petral continues to transport liquid cargo in bulk, especially sulfuric acid, along the Peruvian coast and to the north of Chile.

1980’s – M/T Pampilla

Year of Construction: 1970
Flag: Peruvian
DWT: 3,100
Length: 87.7 meters
Beam: 13.4 meters
Draft: 5.5 meters
Type of Ship: Chemical Tanker / IMO II & III

1990’s – M/T Gorgonilla

Year of Construction: 1989
Flag: Panamanian
DWT: 8,192
Length: 115.54 meters
Beam: 17.8 meters
Draft: 7.15 meters
Type of Ship: Chemical Tanker / IMO II & III

2005 – 2009 – M/T Swan Lake

Year of Construction: 1982
Flag: Liberian
DWT: 10,579
Length: 135.73 meters
Beam: 19.5 meters
Draft: 8.07 meters
Type of Ship: Chemical Tanker / IMO II & III Double Bottom

2010 - to date – M/T Moquegua

Year of Construction: 2002
Flag: Peruvian
DWT: 14,298
Length: 134.16 meters
Beam: 20.523 meters
Draft: 8.813 meters
Type of Ship: Chemical Tanker / IMO II & III / Double Hull
Shipyard: Asakawa